Equipment Manufacturers – Sales and Distribution

In today's changing environments, your plant needs a materials handling system with better performance for increased profit. You need a system with flexibility and efficiency, to give higher output and perform efficiently. Modern systems can handle larger production runs, need fewer operators and use far less space than in the past.

Advance Conveyors, with over 25 years experience, are leading Australian owned conveyor equipment manufacturers.

Our expertise ensures high productivity, lower operating costs and excellent value for money.

To achieve the necessary production targets a central command computer, using intelligent software, may be the best solution for your plant. However in many cases automation is not needed right throughout the system. Efficiencies and cost reduction can come from automating only part of the overall system and using manual systems in less critical areas.

We design and build conveyor systems for many industries including:

  • food processing and packing
  • drum handling
  • warehouse storage
  • order picking and sortation
  • pallet conveying
  • beverage producers
  • freight handling and distribution and many other applications

Using the latest methods, design equipment and an overall systems approach, our engineers study your current operation and design the most appropriate system, which will best suit your needs. Our designs feature the latest automation equipment. We select the most appropriate electric motors, gearboxes and electronic drive systems to suit your manufacturing process.

All of our conveyor system, sub-assemblies and many accessories are manufactured in our
Sydney-based factory.


Advance Conveyors are the sole agents in Australia and New Zealand for Rollex Forderelemente GmbH. We stock, assemble and distribute this extensive range of precision roller components, designed specifically for the specialist machine builder or conveyor equipment manufacturer.

Advance Conveyors became the Australian and New Zealand Distributors for Hymo brand scissor lift tables In January 1999. Made by Hymo AB of Sweden, these tables safely move goods and materials within factories and warehouses. Applications include pallet handling, stillages, vehicle loading and automatic manufacturing processes. They range from 200 kg to 20 t, standard supply, and up to 200 t, design-built.