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Precision Conveyor Components

Ball transfer table / Ball transfer bearings

This is characterised by the ease of movement due to the frictionless surface. Ball transfer tables are generally designed according to customer needs. This type of conveyor is extensively used at conveyor junctions or at the end of a line where goods need to be transferred, processed or packed.

At Advance Conveyors, we manufacture all kind of conveyor rollers, whether it is gravity, chain driven, or shaft driven rollers (lineshaft). Most of our rollers consist of Rollex precision and semi precision bearings depending on the application. For our chain driven conveyors, we use Rollex sprockets, both plastic and steel to suit customers’ needs.

These types of rollers are used to slow, or maintain a certain speed of a line, mainly gravity. These types of rollers are another high quality product from Rollex.

Besides manufacturing conveyors from head to toe, we also distribute spare parts, such as bearings, sprockets, lineshaft spools, clips, wheels, hygienic and universal (omni) wheels.