Powered Roller Conveyors

One of the most useful and economical conveyor designs to incorporate into an automated system design are powered roller conveyors. Powered roller conveyors are efficient, quiet, easy and safe to run. They are commonly used as an accumulation system.

Advance offers several different types of Powered Roller Conveyors including:

Australian made – local support

Advance Conveyors locally manufactures its conveyors at its factory in Sydney. We can design and manufacture a 1-off, fully customised powered roller conveyor or an entire conveyor system to meet your available footprint, throughput speeds and budget.

We are a trusted supplier of powered roller conveyors to a number of local and international OEM’s for inclusion in their own locally supplied conveyor and materials handling systems.

Spares and maintenance

One factor to keep in mind with  roller conveyors is the need to periodically change the rubber drive bands that help drive the conveyor rollers. We recommend a scheduled maintenance check to ensure rubber bands have not stretched or broken which therefore reduces conveyor efficiency. Advance Conveyors can even perform these periodic maintenance checks for you. We also supply spare drive bands for all of our conveyors (and which are compatible with a large range of other brands).

See more information on spare conveyor drive bands.

Need help?

Contact us for further assistance in costing your band driven roller conveyor system or if you require spare drive bands.

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