Gravity Conveyor Systems: Uses and Applications

30 January 2018

The next time that your workplace needs a material conveyor system, what are you going to turn to? There are many different material handling systems available on the marketplace. At Advance Conveyors, we understand that you have quite a variety of different options. Today, however, we are going to steer you toward gravity conveyor systems. Amidst all of the buzz about automated and highly technical systems, gravity conveyors shine brightly. The reason? Well, we’re glad that you asked. Let’s dig deep in order to find the benefits of gravity conveyor systems as well as where you can expect to see them being used.

Gravity Conveyor Systems – A Simple Explanation

When you first begin your hunt for a material conveyor system, you are likely to be inundated with technical information that can seem more than a little overwhelming. Fortunately, gravity conveyor systems don’t fall into that same trap. In fact, gravity conveyor systems are extremely simple in terms of their function.

A gravity conveyor system is a material transporting system that functions entirely by, you guessed it, gravity. These systems function without any motor engines and they rely entirely on gravity in order to transport material along. Gravity can take hold by setting up the conveyor system at a slight decline or by having a pair of hands push the product down the line manually, thus allowing the material to move over the system by way of force.

Gravity Conveyor Systems – Applications and Benefits

Now that we know a little more about gravity conveyor systems, we can learn when we would most likely use them. Gravity conveyor systems are incredibly easy to install thanks to the fact that they are modular, lightweight, and bereft of any sort of heavy-duty mechanical parts. As a result, gravity conveyor systems can find a home on many different worksites.

While gravity conveyor systems can operate on their own, free of any other attachments, many people find them incredibly helpful when partnered up with a motorised system. Some worksites will use gravity conveyors to link between a powered system and the end of their line. Industries all across the spectrum can benefit from this kind of modular link.

The primary benefits of pursuing a gravity conveyor system are as such:

  1. Mobility – Gravity conveyor systems are lightweight, easy to install, and modular. As a result, these systems can be used on any worksite.
  2. Affordability – Without mechanical upkeep, this type of system is incredibly affordable.
  3. Durability – With high-quality ma